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CGx Testing

Who We Are


We're not only experienced medical and business professionals, but individuals whose lives have been touched by cancer. Whether through our own battle or holding the hands of loved ones through their fight, we've seen the pain this disease can cause. Our mission is to help others avoid it where possible and to do our part to help find a cure. 

How We Can Help


  We partner with Doctors and clinics to provide patients with a simple, non-invasive test to determine their risk of developing cancer. Our lab checks the provided DNA for specific traits in an individual's genetic makeup that are known to increase their risk and provides a report back that allows preventative action to be taken. It also utilizes the data collected to contribute toward finding a cure for hereditary cancer.

What's Next


Once the test results are complete, patients review them with their healthcare provider. A plan of care is developed to mitigate any hereditary cancer risk(s) that may have been uncovered. Various medical interventions and basic health/lifestyle adjustments can be made to help an individual lead a healthy and hopefully cancer-free life. 



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